We create strong, coherent, wide spectral communication that capture the essence of your project and help you get a strong, credible, successful brand that will work for you effectively.

Now and in the future.


Marketing strategy

A spectrum of possibilities emerges from one idea. One bright, precise thought generates a whole palette of potential solutions.

Visual & verbal communication

We frame concepts that reflect a dynamically changing reality — in well-aimed words and catchy images.

Social media marketing

We create successful, effective and memorable communication.

Implementation of brand strategy

We help your target audience to hear what you have already invented, but have not yet said.

Products of deeptech companies, in particular photonics, are complex and understandable only for narrow specialists. Therefore, they often do not care about branding, as they exist on subsidies from a specific funding structure. We want photonics to be flexible and independent, so that it can talk with different target groups: science, industries, business, and individual clients. 

Our mission is to put the message of your project through the right lens to create the brightest, widest and most effective path to your consumer. 



Dreamer. Initiator.

Earned an Engineering degree at the Warsaw University of Technology in Electronics and a Master’s degree at the University of Warsaw in Management. For 6 years actively involved in startup activity on different level of structures. He appreciates working with people and establishing relationships. In his free time, he relaxes with calm and peaceful death metal music.


Copywriter. Brand expert.

Wrap a powerful idea into words. Turn words into concepts. Add mass and weight to the form. Make text flow into images and evoke emotion. Exactly the ones you need. Copywriting specialist, master of biting slogans and the inventor of flamboyant names, she has super skill to turn a product into a brand that will be understood and loved.


Art director. Graphic designer.​

Artist and magican. He will transform the white card into your visual identification. His tricks will remain a secret, but your brand will get great and personalized branding. You can talk to him about football, travels and – if you are brave enough – Polish poetry.